As a result of weight loss, the passage of time, or childbirth, many women will lose the firm, uplifted appearance of their breasts. For these women, a breast lift can restore their youthful contour.

The surgery, known as mastopexy, removes and tightens excess skin, elevates the nipple above the breast crease, and reshapes and elevates your breast tissue. Ideally the surgery is suited to women who are planning no future pregnancies or significant weight loss. There are a variety of techniques to perform a breast lift depending on your individual goals and appearance. Your breast size and shape, the extent of sagging of your breasts, skin elasticity and the location of your nipple all have an influence in determining the ideal procedure to attain your goals.

What all of mastopexy procedures have in common is a method to reposition and elevate your nipple, reshape your breast, and remove excess skin. During your consultation, I will discuss with you in detail the different possible approaches to the surgery.

Surgery is performed at an accredited ambulatory surgery center under general anesthesia, and typically takes several hours. After surgery, you will have a light dressing in place, and you can shower the next day. Post operative pain can be managed with oral medications, and generally you can return to work within one week and resume normal, light duty. During your post operative visits, I will discuss the timing of returning to vigorous exercising.