If your large breasts limit your physical activity, clothing choices, or cause discomfort, Breast Reduction surgery may be an appropriate choice for you. Often the self-consciousness associated with large breasts is as much an issue as physical discomfort when considering surgery. Breast reduction surgery removes excess tissue and skin resulting in a breast size and position more in harmony with your body. Generally, the surgery alleviates the physical symptoms resulting from large breasts and improves your body image.

The medical term for the procedure is reduction mammoplasty. It reduces the size of your breast and repositions the remaining breast tissue higher on your chest. By doing this, the surgery helps alleviate shoulder discomfort caused by excessive weight and pressure from bra straps. It lessens skin irritation beneath the breast by lifting the profile of your breast and reshapes your remaining breast tissue.

The surgery is performed in an accredited outpatient facility or occasionally in the hospital. General anesthesia is used for this procedure. Following surgery, you will have a supportive dressing on and small drainage tubes to remove excess fluids from the surgical site for two or three days. Post operative pain can be managed with oral medications. Light activity is possible and encouraged within a few days, and most women are able to return to work in within 14 days.

During your consultation, I will explain the procedure in greater detail. Following a discussion of your wishes, goals, and a review of your general health, we will decide the most appropriate course to achieve your goals.