Non-Cosmetic Reconstructive Procedures Performed by Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Henry A. Redmon, M.D. in Tampa, FL

All non-cosmetic procedures, or reconstructive surgery procedures, share a common goal: to improve the function, health, or appearance of the body by addressing the effects of an injury, illness, or congenital (present at birth) condition. Sometimes, a reconstructive procedure can result in aesthetic enhancement as well, but unlike cosmetic plastic surgery, that is not its primary objective. At Redmon Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, board-certified plastic surgeon Henry A. Redmon, M.D. performs a full range of both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures to help his patients meet their needs and goals.

One key difference between cosmetic and non-cosmetic procedures relates to medical necessity and health insurance coverage. Because non-cosmetic procedures are usually non-elective and medically necessary, they are generally covered by most health insurance plans. On the other hand, cosmetic surgery is considered to be elective in most cases, so these procedures are usually self-paid. With that said, there is also a “gray” area. The determining factor that most insurers consider when making payment decisions is not the type of procedure itself, but rather the reason for which it is recommended.

For instance, some of the non-cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Redmon in Tampa, FL, are also sometimes used for cosmetic reasons. These include:

  • Blepharoplasty – The goal of eyelid surgery may be to correct drooping eyelids that are obscuring a patient’s vision (reconstructive) or to enhance the appearance of a patient’s eyes and face (cosmetic).
  • Breast reduction – Insurance may cover non-cosmetic procedures performed to relieve back pain, skin problems, or other medical issues caused by large or heavy breasts, but the same procedures performed solely to enhance the appearance of the breasts are generally not covered.
  • Nose jobs – Insurers tend to cover septoplasty procedures if a deviated septum is causing breathing problems that are documented by a physician. Patients who elect to undergo septoplasties (to improve nasal function) and non-functional rhinoplasties (to improve the appearance of the nose) simultaneously are generally billed directly for the cosmetic procedures, and the bills for the non-cosmetic procedures may be forwarded to their insurers for payment.

With a commitment to bettering the lives of his patients by achieving outstanding reconstructive results, Dr. Ramon takes a highly individualized approach to planning non-cosmetic procedures. During a personal consultation at his office in Tampa, FL, he can evaluate your needs, discuss your goals, answer your questions, and recommend the best treatment approach for you. To learn more, contact Redmon Plastic Surgery today.