Department of Facial and Cosmetic Surgery

I wish to thank you for your expression of confidence in our Plastic Surgery practice. We strive to educate our patients and provide them with the insight necessary to make a comfortable and informed decision. Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offers the opportunity to achieve the change in appearance you desire.

Cosmetic Procedures in Tampa, FL, Including Breast Augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Face Lift & Rhinoplasty Surgery

At Redmon Plastic Surgery in Tampa, FL, we are committed to helping individuals enhance their appearances with natural-looking improvements. Under the leadership of our founder, board-certified plastic surgeon Henry A. Redmon, M.D., we offer a full range of cosmetic procedures to allow our patients to achieve their unique and diverse aesthetic goals. We want our patients to become the best versions of themselves – on their own terms. Additionally, we provide all of the education, guidance, insight, and support necessary to help them to make the most informed treatment decisions possible.

Dr. Redmon and his caring staff ensure that all of our patients benefit from the same level of individualized attention, whether they are seeking expert skin care, Botox, or dermal fillers like Juvederm, or they are interested in cosmetic plastic surgery procedures, such as liposuction, mastopexy (breast lift), brachioplasty (arm reduction), or eye lid surgery.

A patient’s selection of a plastic surgeon should be based on his or her personal comfort level, as well as the surgeon’s education, skills, and experience. Dr. Redmon’s compassionate bedside manner, keen artistic eye, and commitment to providing outstanding patient care have earned him the respect and trust of both patients and peers in Tampa and throughout Florida. As a graduate of University of South Florida, he went on to complete a fellowship in plastic surgery at Ohio State University, and he now brings more than three decades of plastic surgery experience to the operating room. He has also received numerous awards accolades throughout his esteemed career.

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Non-Cosmetic Procedures such as Breast Reduction, Septoplasty & Scar Revision in Tampa, Florida

One of the cornerstones of Dr. Redmon’s practice is reconstructive surgery, which is designed to enhance the function and appearance of certain areas of the body that have become weakened or injured. The effects of many forms of trauma and medical conditions, such as car accidents, burns, breast and skin cancer, and congenital disorders, can often be improved with reconstructive surgical techniques. For instance, Dr. Redmon performs several types of medically necessary plastic surgery, including panniculectomy, earlobe repair, nipple tattoo, and chemical peel procedures.

Redmon Plastic Surgery is dedicated to helping individuals achieve and maintain the appearances they want, and our practice reflects our sincere respect for the people we treat. A thorough and complimentary consultation with each patient, including a frank discussion of what can and cannot be accomplished with plastic surgery, sets the stage for us to achieve our top priority – patient satisfaction.

Contact Redmon Plastic Surgery for more information on the plastic surgery and skin rejuvenation services we offer. Whether you’re in Tampa or elsewhere in Florida, we can help you look your best.